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James Perry

WE ARE REAL ESTATE ENTHUSIASTS and we welcome you to
“The James Company Society”
Chattanooga’s most exclusive Real Estate firm.

The James Company’s exclusivity has been an obvious source due to the demand for experience and results. The firm will always differ from other real estate firms in many ways. The James Company will be the only firm in Chattanooga that consists only of full-time, licensed Real Estate Brokers; in contrast to various local companies that consist of part-time, Affiliate Brokers. This has created a heritage rich with experience.

Then there is the matter of prestige. It has been said that one cannot bestow prestige upon oneself – it accumulates slowly over a period of time and gradually is bestowed upon those who earn it.

The James Company’s impact will always be much greater than would be suggested by the amount of market shares held. Sheer volume will never be the Company’s idea of success; recognition for doing something well is much more important.


James Perry Broker



The James Company.
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